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Edgemaster (Doors)

The EdgeMaster - The Unique Contact Belt Sanding Machine for Edges

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The EdgeMaster uses a unique contact belt unit equipped with flexible sanding strips making it a fast and versatile edge sanding machine. The workpiece is sanded simply by pushing it against the contact belt. Due to the large contact area there is a much greater sanding time compared to sanding rollers. The contact belt, with a width of 200mm, features grooves filled with sanding strips. To make the machine more versatile it is possible to fill the grooves with two different types of sanding strips, each 100mm long e.g. for wood sanding and intermediate sanding. The EdgeMaster K is equipped with a speedy motorized height adjustment of the belt unit. The speed of the contact belt can be varied using a frequency converter. The air cushion table makes it possible to move even heavy workpieces easily, without scratching the surface (optional extra).

Optional Features:

  • Air cushion table with side channel blower (no expensive compressed air needed)
  • Oscillation of belt unit
  • Blowing device for cleaning sanding strips.

Highlights :

  • Extremely versatile due to tiltable unit and possibility of using different sanding strips.
  • Motorized height adjustment

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