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MEIJI Catalog MEIJI Catalog

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HBS Compact (Timber Beams)

HBS Compact - The Sturdy Basic Model

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The HBS 300 Compact is the economic answer for smaller operations. It features a sanding width of 280mm, a maximum sanding height of 300mm and sands a wide range of parts - from cover strips to glued beams. This sturdy machine comes with a large, rubber-covered and grooved roller and an oscillating sanding belt for a finer finish. The strong 7.5kW drive motor allows you to remove up to 1.5mm thickness in one pass. The constant height of throughfeed makes the use of roller conveyors possible. HBS 300 Compact - Sturdy and Economical - Max. width of workpiece 280mm, max. height of workpiece 300mm - Powerful sanding unit - Motorized height adjustment with automatic scanning of workpiece thickness - Handwheel for setting shaving depth - Constant height of througfeed - Shortest workpiece length 350mm The HBS 300 VR Compact is the ideal machine for smaller carpentry operations. Difficult pieces can also be transported thanks to the special roller feed system. It uses two upper, driven feed rollers which are rubber-covered and spring-supported and adapt to different workpiece thicknesses. As a result, twisted or uneven beams can be transported more easily than with a standard conveyor belt system. The lower, heavy rollers are bedded accurately to provide a smooth run. Additional Highlights HBS300VR Special roller feed system for crooked beams. Shortest workpiece length 500mm.

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