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Protection, finishing, bonding & sealing solutions for bus.

Bus Manufacturing

A full range of equipment is required to construct high quality buses; manual painting or gluing guns, pumping units for liquid or high viscosity material, robots on 7 – 8 axis, for large parts.

Why you should choose SAMES KREMLIN


Manually gluing sheet metal parts is a common practice. A reliable, lightweight & ergonomic gluing gun is crucial for this process. Kremlin Rexson pumps are well known for these capabilities.


Bus panel surfaces are most often painted manually with solid paint.

Robotic application helps to decrease paint consumption as a result of highly efficient rotating bell atomizers. It also increases quality & improves thickness control. Robots on horizontal & vertical axes are able to paint a complete side of a bus.


The massive windshields & windows on buses are manually hedged of glue before installation on the structure by way of a ram unit pumping the adhesive from the barrel to the extrusion gun.