Overhead Conveyors

Need a manual or automatic solution that can work at your pace and then some. Need a solution that meet strict standards for handling food or medical products. Need a solution that can also with stand the elements in an outdoor or indoor setting. Whatever the requirement Epac Finishing Product can provide the solution for your business.

Epac Finishing Products will design, installs and maintain overhead conveyor systems. We can also provide training for your staff to complete the maintenance as and when required.

With our experience in the manufacturing and distribution industry, our engineering knowledge will help your business source the right conveyor for your production requirements. Either book an appointment or simply complete the quick questionnaire here and attached your intended layout drawing and we will complete a preliminary quotation for your consideration suggest to a site inspection.

Epac Finishing Products can also support you with each process—from pre-treatment, drying tunnels/ovens, complete paint / powder systems, powder recover systems, extraction systems and loading / unloading stacking equipment, air compressor systems, sand blasting systems, solvent recycling system and conveyors.