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SPRAY and SPYRO gun series are mainly employed for gluing wide surfaces where a low glue weight is required. Main features of the SPRAY and SPYRO guns are: AMX 45 module with double interchangeable gasket cartridge, Zero-Cavity self-cleaning nozzle with nebulisation air cap, air heating block, possibility of a second solenoid valve for separate nebulisation air control, protective non-stick casing coating, integrated glue filter which is removable without disassembling the hose. This wide, complete range of different models makes it possible for even most demanding Customer to find the best solutions for any gluing needs. The wide range of models provides also the most demanding customer with the ideal solutions for each gluing problem


In addition to standard solenoid valves, Preo has developed a new model that is ranked at the top of the market offer. Depending on the applications required, this valve can deliver the highest level solution for tasks that require low energy consumption, high-speed application and small size and weight.


Removing the electrical kit is easy, simple and safe.


The casing is built in “Ergal”, an aluminium alloy that considerably improves the product’s resistance to mechanical stress. The hard oxide cover makes gun cleaning and maintenance quick and easy.


The gun is heated with highly reliable heating coils controlled by extremely precise sensors.


Inside the gun casing is assembled a new heating block which keeps a constant temperature of the air used for the product spraying, thus ensuring precise and reliable results.


All guns are equipped with a new AMX 45 Series module that ensures precise, regulated glue application. This level of performance was possible only because of the special attention dedicated during the design and construction phases. The most important aspect of the AMX 45 module is its innovative gasket system with the double interchangeable cartridge, which guarantees a perfect seal at high pressures
and temperatures in addition to simple, inexpensive, and long-lasting maintenance.


This guarantees better distribution of the glue and prevents nozzles from clogging due to the presence of impurities in the glue. It’s integrated into the casing, and is easily accessible and can be quickly replaced without disassembling the hose.


The guns are available in 2 different series depending on the provided nozzle: the Spray version is used for an even spraying of the product, while the Spyro version allows you to obtain spiral-shaped glue strips. The gun are supplied with stainless steel Zero-Cavity self-cleaning nozzles, available with a minimum diameter of 0.30 mm to a maximum of 1.2 mm. Zero-Cavity is the term used for the cut-off that directly closes the nozzle hole, eliminating any possible impurities and guaranteeing the constant cleanliness of the nozzle. This guarantees that the system always works properly. The wide range of nozzles includes a number of configurations and special designs, based on the Customer’s needs.