6 Key Reasons Why You Should Invest in Automatic Spraying Equipment

15 December 2021

Manufacturers maximise different types of tools in finishing various parts and products. One specific tool that helps them come up with high-quality parts and products is spraying equipment.

Spraying equipment is a collection of tools or devices that can apply a surface coating to various parts and products. The surface coating is often comprised of atomised paint, ink, varnish, and other liquids, which can work optimally with parts and products that are made from metals or wood. While manual spraying equipment has been deemed useful for a very long time, the continuous developments in technology have paved the way for the formation of automatic spraying equipment.

If you are part of the spraying industry, then here are some key reasons why you should now invest in automatic spraying equipment.

  1. High-Quality Finishing

One of the reasons why you must invest in automatic spraying equipment is that it can assure you high-quality coating. Automatic spraying equipment works very closely to the parameters and specifications that you set. Hence, you can expect it to jet or stream the trajectory without any offset. It can likewise offer accurate control over the commencement of its spraying activity.

  1. Great Process Control

Another reason why you must go for automatic spraying equipment is that it can handle great process control. The system utilised for this type of spraying equipment allows you to regulate all its spray parameters. You can effectively change its electrostatic charge and atomisation area. You can even alter the product pressure and fan width. These things give you more freedom over your finishing quality.

  1. Guaranteed Flexibility

Since automatic spraying equipment allows you to alter its spray parameters, you can then expect it to be more flexible than other types of spraying equipment. Through the integration of smart programming, you can effectively spray products that boast varying sizes and colours in just one go. Your automatic spraying equipment can even process complex geometries alongside others without any issues.

  1. Increased Cost Savings

An investment in automatic spraying equipment can be good for your operations since it can increase cost savings. Compared to other types of spraying equipment, having automatic spraying equipment does not provide a lot of waste during its operations. It can also regulate the amount of paint being maximised, prolong the service life of the filter, and minimise the sludge ash content of the spray booth.

  1. Enhanced Revenues

Automatic spraying equipment does not only increase cost savings but can also enhance your overall revenues. The automation of your spraying activities can easily make your production speed faster and more stable. And with a 30% increase in spray efficiency, the number of products you can finish with automatic spraying equipment in a short time will always be higher than others.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

One more reason you should invest in automatic spraying equipment is that it is environmentally friendly. Automatic spraying equipment nowadays has already been equipped with gas treatment cabinets, wastewater treatment equipment, and environmental protection equipment. With the presence of these things, you can ensure that your employees will be much safer from toxins.

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