Spray Painting Shipping Containers and Why It is Necessary

25 March 2022

Shipping businesses, logistic firms, and other similar businesses in the transport industry would often maximise shipping containers when it comes to transporting huge amounts of products to various points in the world. Without these containers, importing and exporting products would be difficult, which can hamper the growth of businesses and economies.

What makes shipping containers great for these activities is that they can withstand problems associated with storage, handling, and shipment. Once transported, they would encounter elements that may damage them. Fortunately, most materials used for these are durable and long-lasting.

Now, to further enhance the durability and longevity of shipping containers, their surfaces are recommended to be painted thoroughly. One way to coat their surfaces is through spray painting.

The Significance of Spray Painting

Generally, spray painting is a painting technique wherein a spraying tool sprays the coating material to a given surface. The coating material that is utilised by the spraying tool is normally atomised and directed by compressed gas. Some spraying tools are hand-held, while others are already automated.

Compared to brush painting, spray painting has been preferred by many industries as it covers more coverage. Spray painting can also benefit industries since it is faster to apply and dry as well as more durable than most painting techniques. Spray painting can likewise handle various surfaces and materials without expecting any issues.

Given the benefits of spray painting, it could easily make shipping containers more durable and last longer, especially their exterior. Additionally, spray painting can be beneficial for shipping containers as it can enhance their overall appeal. Thanks to a wide array of colour options, shipping containers are expected to look appealing and professional due to the application of spray paint.

Spray Painting Shipping Containers

Of course, spray painting shipping containers must be done properly to ensure that they obtain these benefits. When choosing the coating material for the shipping containers, you must opt for one that has low volatile organic compound levels to ensure that it does not pollute the environment. The coating material should also be effective in preventing rust and withstanding outdoor elements. Ultimately, it must stick and adhere to the surface of your shipping containers to guarantee its longevity.

As for your shipping containers, you must wash off any dirt and dust that may be present on their surfaces. Rust patches must also be eradicated and removed by sanding them with a wire wheel and spraying a rust-inhibiting primer over their surface areas.

Once everything is prepared, spray painting the shipping containers can finally commence. It is recommended to spray paint the shipping containers on a dry, sunny morning as it does not affect the quality of the coating material. The spray painting procedure for shipping containers may depend on the coating material used. Hence, you must consult with a professional for better results.

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