Powder Coating and the Reasons that Make It a Sustainable Option

30 June 2022

Powder coating has been prevalent for decades as it has been providing an appealing, durable, and long-lasting finish to a wide array of components. It even helps the objects resist damaging elements like corrosion, moisture, scratches, and many more. Some components that can be finished with powder coating are balustrade, bench, roofs, and walls. Tractors, farm machines, lawn chairs, golf carts, cabinets, door handles, bumpers, and radiators are other components that can undergo powder coating.

Many more parts and products can be subjected to powder coating. And as time passes, more and more industries yield to this type of finishing process as it is guaranteed to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

Here are some of the reasons why powder coating is a sustainable option for many industries.

No Volatile Organic Compounds

One of the reasons why powder coating is a sustainable option for industries is it does not utilise harmful products. Traditional finishing products are often composed of high levels of volatile organic compounds, which are known for damaging the surroundings. They also have hazardous air pollutants and gas that can also affect the environment negatively. Products used for powder coating, on the other hand, do not possess volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants, making the process safe.

Minimised Energy Consumption

Another reason why powder coating is sustainable is it only uses minimal energy for the transportation of its materials. Since it does not utilise any liquid materials, powder coating elements can be packaged and then transported in large quantities in one go, utilising less fuel than conventional finishing products. Energy consumption is likewise minimised during the powder coating process itself. Even at a minimal amount of energy, manufacturers can coat tons of products uniformly and precisely within only a few minutes. And with fewer mistakes, the need to conduct powder coating again is cut significantly.

Less Hazardous Waste Materials

The powder coating process not only minimises energy consumption but can also minimise hazardous waste materials. The number of mistakes committed during the powder coating process is significantly lower than the values given by the conventional finishing process. The main reason behind the lower mistake value of powder coating is it maximises technology that limits any overspray. And as much as possible, the spraying tools only use powder coating products that are truly needed by a workpiece.

High-Quality Finishing Properties

One more reason why powder coating is a sustainable option is it can provide valuable and long-lasting products. Powder-coated materials tend to last longer since their finish can withstand moisture, ultraviolet light, extreme temperatures, and other damaging elements. They can also last for a long time since their finish can adhere to their surfaces without any issues. And with their appealing looks, these products can effectively retain their overall value despite utilising them for a long time. With these qualities, industries do not have to replace them occasionally, minimising unnecessary waste and expenses.

Some industries that can appreciate the sustainability of powder coating include the automotive, construction, agriculture, and electronics industries.

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