Why Should You opt for a Lacquer Finish for Your Furniture?

09 February 2022

Many wooden furniture pieces are being utilised by property owners today due to the benefits they bring.

One of the benefits of wooden furniture is that they are durable. When maximised with quality wood materials, they can effectively ensure that furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, and drawers will be strong and reliable. And if they are maintained regularly, property owners and users can expect them to last for a long time. Another benefit of wooden furniture is that they are appealing. Wood materials can be processed to feature different colours, shapes, forms, styles, and other relevant characteristics. Overall, these benefits allow them to be valuable for a lot of people.

When processing wooden furniture pieces, manufacturers can choose from different finishes before selling them to the market. One type of finish that they can maximise is a lacquer finish.

An Overview of a Lacquer Finish

Lacquer is a popular finish today that is mainly maximised on high-quality furniture pieces, especially those that are made from wood.

This specific finish is typically compared to varnish or urethane. But unlike the mentioned finishes, lacquer is sprayed on rather than being applied with a brush or cloth. Once the lacquer is applied on a furniture surface, it can effectively generate a film on top of the said surface instead of saturating it.

Generally, a lacquer finish can dry fast and maintain its appeal for a very long time. It can likewise protect the surfaces from liquids and require minimal maintenance.

Key Benefits of a Lacquer Finish

There are tons of benefits that the lacquer finish can provide with wooden furniture pieces.

First, a lacquer finish can ensure that the surfaces of wooden furniture pieces will last for a very long time. What is great about lacquer is that it can help in resisting stains, wear, and oxidation, which are elements that can typically damage furniture pieces. Even heat, water spills, oils, alcohol, and dilute acids are prevented from causing damages to wooden furniture pieces with a lacquer finish.

Another great benefit of a lacquer finish is that it can dry very quickly. Lacquer is often made from organic plant resins combined with a solvent drying agent. These elements allow the lacquer to dry very quickly, which can improve turnaround times that make wooden furniture pieces useful in just a short time. The fast drying times of the said finish can likewise reduce dush adhesion, making sure that the wooden furniture pieces will not obtain impurities on their surfaces.

One more benefit of a lacquer finish is it can make furniture pieces easier to maintain. Even with years of using them, furniture pieces with this specific finish can easily retain their colour and tone, which can help save some resources in applying the finish again.

Lacquer Finish with the Right Tools

If you need the right tools for applying a lacquer finish, feel free to contact us at Epac Productions. We offer a wide range of highly reliable equipment with advanced technology from the world leaders in industrial paint equipment, lacquer spray equipment, and electrostatic powder equipment.

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