Protect Your Piping Structures from Elements through Powder Coating

24 February 2022

Business owners utilise piping structures to effectively transfer liquids or gases from one place to another. These structures are typically comprised of fittings, pipes, and valves to ensure that they can carry out the mentioned functions without any issues.

Now, for piping structures to be useful and functional, they must be made from materials that are durable and long-lasting. They must likewise be able to handle the pressure and temperature of the fluid flow to prevent damages. And to make sure that they can perform well no matter where they are installed, they are recommended to be covered with powder coating.

Powder coating is a common way of covering parts and components that require a quality finish. It is done by spraying positively charged free-floating dry powder to the unfinished surface of the objects. By powder coating piping structures, business owners like you can easily gain the following benefits.

Added Durability

One of the benefits of powder coating your piping structures is it can enhance their overall durability. Piping structures are already made from strong materials. But with powder coating, they are expected to gain more strength. Through this finishing process, your piping structures can effectively resist weather elements, chemicals, and wear. These qualities then make piping structures recommended for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Uniform Appeal

Another great benefit of powder coating your piping structures is it can help them attain a uniform appeal. What is great about powder coating is it does not leave the surfaces of your piping structures with bad inconsistent looks. This process, instead, can give your piping structures a smooth and uniform appeal. It does not likewise generate weak spots, runs, or streaks onto your piping structures. It will not even leave bubbles, dust bumps, or other imperfections, which can be common with other finishing.

Beautiful Looks

The primary function of piping structures may not be significant to other people, which is why they would just leave them plain. Powder coating the piping structures, however, can give you and other business owners an assurance that they will remain valuable for a long time. With powder coating, you can easily select and incorporate various finishes into your piping structures. Some finish options that you can choose from powder coating are high gloss, semi-gloss, and matte.

Minimal Expenses

Powder coating does not only protect your piping structures from damages and surface changes, but it can also help them become cost-effective. From the application of powder coating down to the maintenance of the finish, the amount of expenses you have to spend is kept to a minimum. With lower expenses, the powder coating process can ensure that your piping structures can last for a long time even without employing premium coating processes.

To know more about powder coating piping structures, you can call us at Epac Productions. We specialize in the supply, installation, and servicing of industrial surface coating equipment to manufacturers covering a broad range of products from automotive through to cosmetic containers. We have supplied production finishing lines through New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.

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