Key Markets Covered by SAMES KREMLIN Products in the Automotive Industry

25 January 2022

Businesses that are part of the automotive industry know the significance of finishing on their products. Through the finishing process, all their parts and components are guaranteed to be safer from elements. They are likewise known to boast better appeal and coating.

One specific company that can offer the industry high-quality spraying and finishing solutions is SAMES KREMLIN. They offer precision spraying solutions that enable the industry to come up with tons of quality parts and components. Some spraying solutions that SAMES KREMLIN offer include automatic and manual paint spray guns, rotary electrostatic bell atomisers, fluid mixing and dispensing systems, and turnkey general industrial robotic systems. They can also offer liquid and powder coating solutions.

With more than 90 years of experience in the field, SAMES KREMLIN has truly established its expertise in catering for the needs of the automotive industry. Therefore, most of their offerings can conveniently cover the following key essential markets in the said industry.

Car Paint Shops

One of the markets that can be covered by SAMES KREMLIN products is car paint shops. These shops have been popular anywhere as more car owners want to make their vehicles look unique and more personalised. Paint circulation, underbody and interior sealing, and liquid-applied sound deadener are some processes that can be done with SAMES KREMLIN products and solutions.

Car Body Shops

Apart from the finishing paints, SAMES KREMLIN can also cover car body shops through bonding panels, panel reinforcement, door bonding, and pumping.

Plastic Part Finishing

Another market in the automotive industry that can utilise SAMES KREMLIN products is the processing of plastic parts. From exterior to interior plastic parts of vehicles, SAMES KREMLIN products can effectively carry out bonding and sealing, car body finishing, metallic finishing, and rear-opening assembly. Even varnish spraying, soft-coat finishing, and chrome finishing can be done by their products.

Automotive Refinishing

The markets covered by SAMES KREMLIN products expand further with automotive refinishing. Gravity guns and hybrid guns are some products that can be utilised to carry out the refinishing process. Manual paint application with HPA technology can likewise be done with their notable products.

Metallic Parts

Most automotive parts and components are made from metals and alloys thanks to their durability, longevity, and recyclability. And to ensure that they can last longer, SAMES KREMLIN has come up with quality films of oil, grease, paint, powder, and other materials so they can be applied to them. Some car parts that can benefit from these products are shock absorbers, wipers, pads, and rods.

Seals and Wheels

Other automotive parts and components that can be processed by SAMES KREMLIN products and solutions are seals, gaskets, and wheels. For seals and gaskets, some of the processes that can be done to them include silicone bead dispensing, dosing, and ram pumping. As for wheels, they can be powder coated or liquid coated with a spray gun or bell.

To know more about SAMES KREMLIN, you can call us at Epac Productions. We specialise in the supply, installation, and servicing of industrial surface coating equipment to manufacturers covering a broad range of products from automotive to cosmetic containers.

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